September 10

September 10

Jesus’ Passover at Jerusalem — Cleansing the temple, Nicodemus, & being born again.

Today’s Readings:

Reading 1: John 2:13-25

Reading 2: John 3:1-21

Reading 3: 1 Peter 1:23

Throughout Jesus’ ministry there are clear signs of the purpose of His life. Although these indications were too unexpected for most to understand while Jesus was alive, we who follow have the benefit of a record which specifies God’s plan as The Story unfolds.

Today, after cleansing the Temple to remove self-interest from worship, Jesus teaches Nicodemus  about the new birth that is possible through the crucifixion and resurrection. Although he is puzzled, Nicodemus is clearly hungry for this eternal life, and later chapters strongly imply that he received it.

And we can do the same as Jesus – whenever we encounter someone who sees the life of God in us, we can offer them what we have: new birth into eternal life.

Have a great day!