October 1

October 1

John the Baptist’s Murder — Herod beheads John the Baptist for his wife, Herodias.

Today’s Readings:

Reading 1: Matthew 14:1-12

Reading 2: Mark 6:14-31

Reading 3: Matthew 11:11-12

We have seen the opposition to Jesus, and the change in His ministry as a result (teaching in parables). Today we read about further challenges, as Jesus’ cousin John the Baptist is murdered by Herod.

In Herod we see a conflicted, weak, yet powerful man. Without God’s Spirit to guide him, Herod is capable of evil despite his respect for what is good. Without God we are powerless to do good!

By contrast, Jesus is full of the Holy Spirit and can endure times of great testing and challenge. Even though the death of John is an unjust act by an evil ruler, Jesus is not threatened. He takes his disciples away to a quiet place, and undoubtedly repeats to them what he had previously said about John and the Kingdom of God (in Matthew 11:11-12).

What challenges are you facing? What ungodly pressures surround you? Go to the quiet place and reassure yourself that the Kingdom of God is advancing unseen, and you are part of that coming victory!

Have a great day!