October 2

October 2

Jesus’ Boat to Capernaum — Feeding the 5000, walking on water, & the Bread of Life.

Today’s Readings:

Reading 1: Mark 6:30-56

Reading 2: Matthew 14:13-36

Reading 3: John 6

So many varied events and emotions in today’s readings – have you ever felt overwhelmed by the pace of life or the challenge of events? Well there is plenty for you to learn from today’s chapters!

First – grab some space. Second, stay loving when plans change – it was Jesus’ close connection to His Father that enabled Him to respond lovingly when the crowds found His retreat place! We might have got frustrated with them, or stormed off to find another hideaway, but Jesus sees the need, responds with compassion, and even trains his disciples how to respond to overwhelming needs in faith and servanthood.

Finally, don’t focus on the practical to the exclusion of the spiritual. Jesus taught about the bread of life, but too many  mistook His teaching as an invitation to another free meal!

Have a great day!