October 23

October 23

Jesus’ Raising of Lazarus — Jesus raises Lazarus & the Pharisees plot Jesus’ death.

Today’s Readings:
Reading 1: John 11
Reading 2: John 12:9-11
Reading 3: Romans 8:9-11

As the ministry of Jesus approaches its climax, we see the final miraculous “straw” that pushes the religious leaders into murdering Jesus. When Jesus raises Lazarus to life, it shows not only His power, but His love for people, as well as His firm adherence to God’s agenda. And all this in full view of multitudes of people.

All those factors combine to unite the religious leaders in deadly opposition to Jesus. It becomes dangerous for any follower of Jesus to be in Jerusalem, yet many come to faith as a result of the raising of Lazarus. Faith grows where faith is opposed. The Spirit of God gives us life that can never be taken away by murder – we are those who no longer fear death!

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