November 8

November 8

Jesus’ Roman Trials — Jesus’ three Roman trials, releasing Barabbas, & Jesus’ beatings.

Today’s Readings:
Reading 1: John 18:28-40
Reading 2: Luke 23:1-25
Reading 3: John 19:1-22

After the three Jewish trials, and the abandonment of all His followers (including Peter’s denial), Jesus now faces the Roman authorities, the representatives of the earthly superpower of the day.

Notice how the apparent superpower is manipulated by the religious leaders, and also how the trials go back and forth as the Roman rulers, Pilate and Herod, try to get each other to take responsibility.

This section of the story of Jesus shows us the emptiness and fallibility of human power, even apparently dominant power. It also shows how organized religion and political power collude, manipulating each other, to reject God. Christianity cannot be a governmental religion and remain pure.

Through it all, Jesus is in control of Himself, unlike any other human being. He only answers with confirmations of the truth others see and denies all falsehood. This ultimately amounts to Him choosing to be crucified because He will not defend Himself.

John’s account is the main one used here because he was likely the only disciple close enough to the action to know all that went on. He followed through to the crucifixion because he was Jesus’ closest friend.

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