November 19

November 19

Peter — Pentecost — The miracle of tongues & the purpose of tongues (for unbelievers).

Today’s Readings:
Reading 1: Acts 2
Reading 2: Joel 2:28-32
Reading 3: 1 Corinthians 14:18-25

After the mass of humanity built a tower at Babel, with the purpose of proving their ability to manage without God, He confused their language and caused them to divide into tribes and nations. This prevented them from working together to disobey God.

Now, after the resurrection and ascension, on the Day of Pentecost, God reverses Babel and unites all the believers with those observers from every known nation, all hearing God’s truth in their own languages. This miracle was the first evidence of the presence of the Holy Spirit with the believers, and the power of this first encounter led to many becoming believers and being saved.

Peter is again willing to lead this early church, and as a result of his challenge over 3,000 were added to their number. Imagine that degree of influence and power: 120 became 3120+! That’s church growth!

This was started by the power of the Holy Spirit enabling the believers to speak in other languages. Joel tells us that this is a sign of the last days before God restores all things. Paul tells the Corinthians that tongues will cause unbelievers to wonder at the power of God, and prophecy will convict them and cause them to acknowledge God’s presence. Holy Spirit is determined to glorify Jesus and the Father by causing as many people as possible to turn to God.

How will He use you today toward that goal?

Have a great day!